-Chain stitch on the hem with 43200G-

A finely twisted puckering that has a strong presence and is uneven, edging the hem of jeans that have been worn for many years.
Fading of deep shades that appear in the unevenness created from it.
At first glance, this hem detail, which no one cares about, is one of the important part that freaks enjoy aging jeans.

This detail also has the three-dimensional effect that The Strike Gold aims for, and various ingenuities have been taken to produce the aging of the hem where individuality is born.
We don't hem by general single stitch, but we hem by 43200G chain stitch sewing machine (commonly known as: Daruma, many fans call it Bulldog) of Union Special that is the best match for The Strike Gold.
Union Special is very rare vintage sewing machine that creates the finest twist by wearing.
Then, for exquisite aging, the needle movement and sewing width of the sewing machine are adjusted and sewn carefully.


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