Klax-on of American casual wear . Jeans of THE STRIKE GOLD strike gold that concentrates technology of sacred ground "Okayama, Kurashiki, and Kojima JAPAN" of denim and Tenryo Denim, wear, goods projects, manufacturing, and sales.

アメリカンカジュアル(アメカジ)ウェアのKlax-on(クラクション) TOPページへ オールドスタイルのアメリカンカジュアルブランド「THE STRIKE GOLD(ストライクゴールド)」ジーンズマニアにおススメ メイドイン岡山ジーンズとデニムの可能性を追求する「倉敷天領デニム(TENRYO DENIM)」


Klax-on Co Ltd established in 2002 as an American casual wear retailer, here in Kurashiki where manufactures premium jeans for the brands all over the world and where Tohru Hamamoto, the president of Klax-on Co Ltd was born and grew up.

Our company's original brand "THE STRIKE GOLD” was launched in 2006 and the wholesale development to the whole country started in fall, 2009 and in 2010, we launched our second brand “TENRYO DENIM”.

Our brands and company is picked up in TV and radio programs and numerous times in major men’s casual magazines such as DAYTONA BROS, LIGHTING, MONO MAGAZINE, WORKWEAR, and so on. TV We are highly known to jeans retailers and those magazine readers.

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