Klax-on of American casual wear . Jeans of THE STRIKE GOLD strike gold that concentrates technology of sacred ground "Okayama, Kurashiki, and Kojima JAPAN" of denim and Tenryo denim, wear, goods projects, manufacturing, and sales.

アメリカンカジュアル(アメカジ)ウェアのKlax-on(クラクション) TOPページへ オールドスタイルのアメリカンカジュアルブランド「THE STRIKE GOLD(ストライクゴールド)」ジーンズマニアにおススメ メイドイン岡山ジーンズとデニムの可能性を追求する「倉敷天領デニム(TENRYO DENIM)」



THE STRIKE GOLD(ストライクゴールド)

The fusion of old American style and Japanese tradition

The Strike Gold is a brand that explains and expresses good old days in America with our viewpoint. Our production purpose with the background of lifestyle and fashion from 50’s to 60’s is to search and pursue modern “Japanese craftsmanship” and “high quality products”.


People take it granted that a craftsman is particular about creating his products.
We believe that we never stop searching for the higher quality. The brand needs to brand even though it has different kind of needs.
We make sure each strike gold product has the best materials and the best process through out the manufacturing procedure.

To be daily casual wear

The Strike Gold is aiming to be “supreme casual wear”
We think that a meaning of cloth doesn’t exist without its wearer. We would rather to be jeans like jeans a character in the movie would wear naturally and unconsciously than to be just fashionable jeans. We are hoping people and items to shine by wearing and using the Strike Gold

A mirror of wearer’s lifestyle

The Strike Gold products such as Jeans, leather items, and leather wear become a mirror of wear’s lifestyle. You might find it our products are hard, stiff, and hard to use at the first stage. That is caused because we want to use materials as raw as possible. You will see the change throughout wearing, using, and time.
Jeans fit wearer’s body and indigo dye starts fading down, which creates the unique expression only the user can create. Leather wear and goods start wrinkle, have bumps, and become wore down but we believe those aging is also created by its user.
If 10 people bought the exact same item, it becomes 10 different items.
As antitheses for today when many production goods are overflowed and mechanical-feeling are complicated, we would desire the items of THE STRIKE GOLD to become the one and only partner in the user’s life.

Please check each item of THE STRIKE GOLD in the KURASHIKI TENRYO DENIM Rakuten Ichiba shop.(JAPANESE SITE)
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