Klax-on of American casual wear . Jeans of THE STRIKE GOLD strike gold that concentrates technology of sacred ground "Okayama, Kurashiki, and Kojima JAPAN" of denim and Tenryo Denim, wear, goods projects, manufacturing, and sales.

アメリカンカジュアル(アメカジ)ウェアのKlax-on(クラクション) TOPページへ オールドスタイルのアメリカンカジュアルブランド「THE STRIKE GOLD(ストライクゴールド)」ジーンズマニアにおススメ メイドイン岡山ジーンズとデニムの可能性を追求する「倉敷天領デニム(TENRYO DENIM)」





I「TENRYO KURASHIKI」as a checking station directly cnotrolled by the shogunate.
It was an impportant position to Tokugawa shogunate to gain a control in Sanyo region
and expand its ruling to Shikoku region.

「TENRYO KURASHIKI」as the birthplace of japanese denim.

「TENRYO DENIM」as pursuit of possibility of denim.


There are so many denim items, products, and needs.
It is not to much to say it is a mystery that jeans are in the same category with other thoae products.
We believe that the spirit of THENRYO DENIM which is to find balance between the origin of denim and jeans as fashion
could make it happen here in Okayama, the Mecca of denim and our hometown.

TENRYO DENIM are made with high quality materials and brief.
Threads, texture, sillhuoette, and details are made with exhausitive thought in the process of jeans making.

It is our priority to create standard but sophisticated with challenging spirits without being persistent to the latest trend.
TENRYO DENIM pursue possibility of denim.
For example, A denim wallet tends to look unsophisticeted, but with leather lining, it become sophisticated and solidness.
The weaving method, threads, and dye technique produce different shades of fading color unlimitedly.
We would like to veify possibility which is hidden in general idae of denim and express on our product.

TENRYO DENIM aim to be a part of accustomed and familiar lifestyle without being usual and standard fashion.

Please check each item of TENRYO DENIM in the KURASHIKI TENRYO DENIM Rakuten Ichiba shop.(JAPANESE SITE)

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